PLAY ONLINE COCKFIGHTING – Cockfighting is a fight between 2 chickens in 1 arena and usually the fight is stopped when one of the chickens runs away or loses even to death, but keep in mind that cockfighting is illegal because it is included in the gambling category even though in some areas Cockfighting is a tradition.




Here are some tips to find out which cock will win, you should pay attention to the following online cockfighting steps.

  • Choose the type of chicken carefully before installationIn this cockfighting game, what is really needed is the accuracy of which cockfight should be chosen to become a hero on the cockfighting stage.
  • Choose a trusted and safe cockfighting site agentIn choosing an online gambling site, of course, it must be the main thing in online gambling because with this trusted site it can guarantee the security of your data and can quickly process all your refunds in terms of payments, transaction processing and other promos and bonuses.
  • Use internet connection for cockfighting gameFor cockfighting gambling that is directly displayed or broadcast live, you also have to make sure that the internet network connection is always stable and will not be disconnected, if this unwanted thing happens then you will definitely be left behind in the online cockfighting game and can result in defeat.

    When playing, don’t get carried away with momentary emotions, because if emotions are not controlled, your attention to the game will be divided into two and can result in continuous defeat.


  • Adjust your budget when you want to playFor online cockfighting games, you must see the minimum bet or bet before making a deposit, you must adjust to each bet or choose the lowest online bet that has been set by the cockfighting agent.

    Strategy to Play Cockfighting Online

    • Make a Financial PlanThe first thing you do may seem trivial but it will have an impact later, separate the money used to play cockfighting gambling from the money used in everyday life so that you can avoid difficulties in the future, don’t let online gambling games burden your daily life -your day and that must be remembered that this is a game where the risk is proportional to your expectation to win.
    • Learn About OptionsIn the cockfighting game there are several betting options such as player, banker, draw and BDD. For this banker option, a discount fee is always charged so try to avoid using the banker option because the bookie deliberately gives a discount on the dealer choice so that the player does not continue to choose the dealer, if the player chooses the player the dealer will look forward to it.
    • Estimate Based on ExperienceThis is a very good strategy, you can do it with predictions but for new players it may be a bit difficult to do for this prediction, even if you don’t understand the technology of competing chickens, you can clearly understand which chickens will compete, compare with the body of the chickens that will compete. large via smartphone, for example Bangkok chicken is much bigger than Filipino chicken. Not only that, you can also see the odds given by the dealer and usually the winning chicken odds are very small so the prize is very small.