The Most Profitable Trick Combination in Mix Parlay

The Most Profitable Trick Combination in Mix Parlay – Getting to know the types of markets that are popular in online sportsbook gambling is a must for sportsbook players. Of all the sports betting, the Mix Parlay is considered the “Weak Man Bet”, as it is an easy way to win a lot of money just by placing several teams on the same bet slip. Even though it looks easy, parlays are quite tricky because all the teams you place must win, otherwise you will lose your bet money.

1. Don’t be easily tempted

No matter how tempting it may be, try not to risk placing a lot of money on a single parlay slip of more than three or four teams. On paper, it is easy to play a parlay with a large number of teams, and from that method you can win millions of rupiah just by placing Rp. 10 thousand. But in reality, your chances of winning all the matches that you place are very small, even if only one game fails you will lose.

2. Place Little By Little Mix Parlay Bet

Instead of a seven-team parlay, you can simply bet with two to four teams, as your chances of winning this type of parlay are much better than your chances of winning a seven-team parlay. Granted, the payoff might not be as much of a win as you’d get if there were more teams in the parlay, but it’s still a lot more than you’d win from playing single  livescore 123 bets, and that’s not too bad.

3. Combine Mix Parlay Bet Through Many Games

When betting Mix Parlay, you can increase your chances of winning bigger by spreading it over several sports. Most sportsbooks will allow you to select teams from different sports when choosing a parlay.

So instead of forcing a bet by choosing a team from the same sport, you will increase your chances of winning by choosing from one of the different sports, playing at the time, and you can even pick a team that doesn’t play on the same day, as long as open betting line. By doing this, you can pick your favorite from a variety of sports, and if they all win their game, you’ll win a nice little payout.